संकल्प सिद्धी ट्रस्ट मुंबई | नोंदणी क्रमांक : E22192 | ३०/११/२००४

Sankalp Siddhi is formed with the specific objectives as below:

  • Imparting Citizen services through Citizen Service Center.
  • To spread of education and for that to start/construct help institutions from Lower Kinder Carten to University.
  • To start Industrial Training Institutions with a view that human-being will have own earnings.
  • To provide hostels for student, trainees, working ladies and homes for old persons.
  • To start Libraries and Reading Rooms.
  • To give medical help to the needy people and for that purpose to start dispensaries, hospital, clinics and conduct medical camps, including Blood Donation Camps.
  • To help Institutions, Trusts, Associations ets. working on the similar objects as of संकल्प सिद्धी ट्रस्ट मुंबई | नोंदणी क्रमांक : E22192 | ३०/११/२००४.
  • To start and conduct centres, institutions for inspiring training in indoor and outdoor games, yoga workshops and imparting physical exercise.
  • To help victims of Natural Climates.
  • To arrange schemes and programs for Community Welfare & Development.
  • Women Empowerment, Formation of Women Self Help groups & train them to venture into small enterprise business.

Sankalp Siddhi is also engage in to raise additional funds for augmenting the corpus of the Trust Fund, if necessary through appropriate programs, to support the Trust objects.